Enso symbol; a circle that is hand-drawn to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. 

Enso symbol; a circle that is hand-drawn to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. 

My consultations combine traditional talk therapy with creative expression to explore thoughts, feelings and patterns of experience. These sessions are suitable for those wanting support with relationships, depression, chronic illness, anxiety, life transitions such as pregnancy and parenthood, vocational change or health professionals ongoing practice of self care.

Counselling sessions provide a focused time to reflect on how we relate to ourselves and others, they also provide an opportunity to develop personal skills, which we can draw on in challenging times and utlilise for the enhancement of wellbeing. I believe in focusing on resilience and the wisdom which comes from overcoming adversity. The challenges that we face can provide opportunities for growth and personal insight; they also connect us with empathy and compassion for others. 

Time and again I am reminded of bringing a sense of ‘not knowing’ to my work, how I see and make sense of the world is unique to me, as it is to each of us. Inquiring into another’s reality as a companion allows for spacious discovery and collaboration. So often a participant will express something with paint and color that appears to me to take a particular form, hold a a particular sense of emotion, yet to inquire with a sense of open curiosity often reveals content and meaning quite unexpected.        

We all express ourselves through patterns of relating; sometimes these patterns carry intrusive elements from the past. Bringing awareness to these patterns of experience provides opportunities for integration of the past and greater freedom to choose how we wish to respond to our present circumstances. 

I believe that taking time for self reflection is important for our wellbeing; it helps us attune to the subtle narratives which shape our everyday experience and assists us with the process of creating meaningful lives which reflect what we value most. Life can be incredibly demanding, and it's easy to lose a sense of connection to what's truly important. Where and how we focus our attention and the choices we make, profoundly effect our sense of fulfilment in life. 

The body centred mindfulness practices which I work with, combined with arts based therapeutic methods, are designed to assist clients with the development of resources which enhance their capacity to live well and flouish.

Individual sessions can include:

  • traditional talk therapy
  • creative expression such as writing, painting, drawing and clay making (these mediums are available and can be used at the discretion of the participant)
  • mindfulness practices