On 17th April we gathered for our Inaugural Power of the Feminine event. A collaborative event created by Jacqueline VanHeerden and myself, it was a wonderful night. More than eighty women attended, spanning ages 15- 70. Three panelists began our conversation, Dr. Kaalii Cargill, Berry Liberman and Danny Van Der Borch. We explored subjects such as feminine ways of being with the world, traditional power structures, women and power, the #metoo campaign and its capacity for creating ongoing personal and societal change. Following our panel discussion women chose topics of interest and formed groups where they further explored topics such as; motherhood in contemporary society, remedy of the wilds, creating structural change, feminine/ masculine principles and gender,  values and processes of collaboration and competition.

The feeling in the room was one of inspiration and a collective desire to instigate change in ways that rippled through the personal and professional lives of the women who attended. Many women expressed a desire to gather again.














What other’s have said about Restorative Practices workshops:
After years spent pursuing an education and profession it was a shock to realise how much this had dominated my time and how undeveloped other interest were. It was a delight and a relief to be encouraged to give myself permission to play, with paint, form and colour in a space where it was simply for my enjoyment and the inner critic was soundly banished. I couldn’t get enough and was left yearning for more.

— Trish Grant Senior Aquatic Scientist Melbourne Water
‘I found the workshop really liberating. I have such a fast moving busy life between work and study and found it really nice to give time back to myself without any time restraints, conditions or having someone else relying on myself for a change. It was really good to catch up with myself and put aspects of my life into consideration as I hardly ever do that.

Since leaving your workshop I have found that I have been taking things easier and letting go of my rush, rush attitude. Your workshop has also helped me understand that being selfish sometimes is not a bad thing at all. Thank you for such a peaceful, relaxing, carefree and open workshop.’
— - Courtney Gawne, Child Protection Worker
A Journey of Discovery

I participated in Carolyn’s Restorative Practices Workshop feeling a little unsure as the world of art therapy was new territory for me. Carolyn took us on a gentle journey of personal discovery which I found moving, challenging and exhilarating all at the same time. By the end of the session, it had become obvious to me that by accessing the God given creativity in me, I was able to gain a renewed sense of peace and freedom. It was a very rewarding experience, in which I learnt a little more about the world of art therapy and a lot more about myself.
— Paula Mills paulamills@sweetwilliamprints.com.au www.sweetwilliamprints.com.au



'A journey of discovery' - Paula Mills from Restorative Practices workshop

'A journey of discovery' - Paula Mills from Restorative Practices workshop